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I started building electric motorcycles in 2006, mostly as a way to detach from the stress of my day job.  I'm not an engineer; I almost failed electronics in college. I'm not an artist, but my mom is. I almost went for it as an artist, once as a sculptor then a photographer but chickened out. I have deep respect for people who create for a living. 

My first build was heavy, ugly and slow - a golf cart drive train crammed into a stretched-out Honda Rebel, But I loved it. Build two was simpler - cafe treatment for a factory electric from Zero Motorcycles. Build three has been really fun - a custom build on the versatile Suzuki Savage frame featuring a battery pack from the cells of a Nissan Leaf car. Build four's a sleeper 1984 Vespa p150 with dual discs and rear hub drive, designed to handle the rainy New Orleans commute better than previous builds, Build five will be a 1973 r75/5 airhead and push my 3d-design skills, which are pretty weak right now. 

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Why electric?

I do this mostly because I want to make unique bikes that are fun to ride. But we need to talk about getting off of oil sooner rather than later, and I think kick-ass, custom electric bikes can move the conversation forward. Electric drivetrains are way more efficient than gas, and battery tech can now give you all the range and power you want. What's missing is the design/art part to go with the tech.


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