Welcome to Night Shift Bikes. We build electric bikes and motorcycles, usually at night. 

Who we are

Matt Candler, Builder
"Tightchuck" Candler, Head drill press operator
"Straightline" Candler, Apprentice assembler, Head tool organizer
"Octo-tentacle" Candler, Apprentice disassembler, Head bike namer
Virginia Candler, Design consultant

How to reach Matt

Follow Matt and Night Shift on twitter at @mcandler or email him here.


When I moved to San Francisco in 2001, I had to sell my car and share one with my wife, who used the car for a long South Bay commute. I needed a faster way to get to work than the streetcar, so I bought a Currie electric scooter. The first day I rode it home, it died half way up the hill. I called my wife, who gave me my (only) ride home - dead scooter in the trunk.  

That night, I started looking for ways to shed weight, boost range and go faster. SF hills were just too much for those first Currie's, so I bagged my electric dream and bought a 50 cc 2 stroke scooter.  I was hooked on two-wheels from then on. 

When we moved to New York, we sold the scooter and the car. But I still had the itch to have some wheels, so I bought a GoPed Electric Scooter. That fresh air commute was amazing. And I had  something to wrench on in the apartment. 

When we moved to New Orleans, we bought our first garage. It came with a house for the family.  

I got a car again for the first time in years, but I didn't wrench on it. And I needed to wrench. It was/is, good for my soul. While looking around for a two-wheel project online, I stumbled onto John Bidwell's guide to building your own electric motorcycle by stuffing golf cart guts into a Honda Rebel frame. 

I got great help on that build from people I met on evalbum.com - people who shared a genuine curiosity and love of learning something new, trying something hard, willing to just start. They were a big inspiration not just for Night Shift, but even for my day job.

Since that first bike, I've met more builders and makers, across the world and here in New Orleans. That sense of community and learning together is why I keep doing this.

- Matt Candler


Cole Wiley
Paul "One-speed" Strickland
Matt Tritico
Tung Ly
Greg Thurner
Rob and Becky Wyche
JT Nesbitt
Carl Vosloh


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MakerState - where I make stuff with my kids
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